Fitness Heroes & Side Kicks

Our trademarked "Fitness Heroes"  is for boys and girls 6-16 who want to up their athleticism through a variety of fun and challenging activities. We teach fitness and movement essentials along with select gymnastics skills with the Metro East's largest indoor obstacle course.


4-5 year-olds start out in our Side Kicks program - an introduction to our Fitness Heroes. 

Side Kicks

  Ages 4 - 5


Side Kicks - are Fitness Heroes who haven't quite earned their capes. Movement Education combined with Gymnastics basics - where challenges give rise to confidence and every class is an adventure!

Fitness Heroes

  Ages 6 - 16


Movement & fitness essentials are taught along with select athletic skills. This is a broad and varied curriculum for well-rounded athletic development and appeals to boys and girls of all ages and abilities. Fitness Heroes is complementary training for every sport or an activity in and of itself - building confidence and self-reliance every step along the way. 

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