Twisters' Gymnastics Classes and Programs

Our instructors and coaches are Adult Professionals, background-checked, certified in-house and through USA Gymnastics with related degrees and/or years of experience. We know kids, and we know gymnastics - and we know you and your kids will love our gymnastics. 

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Playful Parenting is movement exploration, organized activity, and open play for toddlers 18 mos - 3 years with parent in tow. Under the supervision of our staff, parents help their child broaden their movement repertoire while learning to share, cooperate, and follow directions. They will run, jump, climb, bounce, and swing in our uniquely equipped gym. Mat castles, obstacles courses, and small scale apparatus will keep them busy the entire time. Great for socialization and promoting independence. 

Summer Time: Wednesday 9:00-9:45.  10 weeks for $150. Call 628-3553 for more info.  No food allowed in building. Water bottles okay.

Pre-K Gymnastics is structured gymnastics classes for 3-5 year-olds. Students will progress through a 3-level program with basic instruction in vault, bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline. We have a 6:1 student/teacher ratio. Students must be potty-trained and must demonstrate the ability to follow simple and necessary instructions.

Classes are 50 minutes in length.

Girls' Gymnastics Classes are for school-age girls 6 and older. We offer 5 progressive levels of development on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Trampoline. Great for fitness and fun. Those with a particular flair and/or interest in competitive gymnastics should inquire about our teams. Classes are 50 minutes in length.

Girls' Tumbling and Trampoline Classes a 5 level progressive program teaching sound tumbling technique from rolls, bridges, and handstands to round-off,  backhandsprings and beyond. We have all the bells and whistles for safe and sound development taught by experts in the field. Great for those who want to tumble and flip and for those looking to improve their skill set for cheerleading. Classes are 50 mins for ages 6 and older.

Boys' Tumbling and Trampoline Classes are for boys 6 - 12 who enjoy flipping, flying, and going upside down. We will tailor the program to the level of each student with the sky as the limit. 50 minute classes.

Girls Competitive Team is our bread and butter. Midwest Twisters is recognized as one of the top programs in Illinois, having produced hundreds of State, Regional, and National Champions since opening in 1997.

Whether you are new to the sport or have years of experience, our coaching is staff is committed to setting its gymnasts on a path to excellence, personal growth, and well-being.