6104 North Illinois Street

  Fairview Heights, IL 62208

 We all share in the confusion, uncertainty, and the need for precaution in the coming months and perhaps much longer.


Student/athlete safety remains at the top of Midwest Twisters' priorities. To that end, we will reopen our classes by first dipping our toes in the water before slowly wading back in. 

Here are the nuts and bolts. We will Reopen for:

Private Classes: Monday, September 21

Girls Gymnastics Classes (6 yrs +) Mon 09/28

Pre-K (5yr-olds only & current L3/4 PK)

SideKicks (4 - 6 yrs only)





If you were enrolled prior to COVID, we will credit you for the 10 classes missed. This credit is good for 12 months. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds until we can open our doors and again generate revenue. If you would like a class refund, please email or call. All refund amounts will be less 10% as per our published policy.

 Please revisit this website September 07 for our schedule of available classes.


Note: In the interest of customer and staff safety, we will offer very limited classes initially while we continue to monitor and assess the COVID threat.


Midwest Twisters