TUMBLING CLASSES - From Beginner to Advanced


  • Level 1 Foundations: Handstands; Cartwheels, Rolls; Bridges & Limbers 

  • Level 2 Building Blocks: Round-offs; Back-handsprings; Intro to Flipping 

  • Level 3 Round-off, Back-handspring; Front and Back Saltos (Flips)

  • Level 4 Round-off, Back-handspring Series; Standing Back Tuck

  • Level 5 Advancing the Series from Tuck to Twist

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The Twisters Difference? Facility, Staff, Curriculum

Quality Facility

Midwest Twisters is a Custom Gymnastics & Tumbling Facility - equipped with many unique features and training aids to help you get better, quicker! Our In-ground features (mats, trampolines, Tumbl-Trak, and foam pits) allow for a variety of instructional options not found elsewhere. 


Professional Coaches

Our staff of experienced and educated adult professionals is proud to offer quality instruction in a positive atmosphere. We take a technical approach to skill learning and aim to enhance athlete fitness, confidence, and safety, while making it fun.

Come in for a FREE CLASS - We will get you on the right road to better results. 

Custom in-house developed curriculum

The importance of sound technique and skill progressions cannot be overemphasized for safe and systematic development. Each athlete has their own particular strengths and weaknesses that should be recognized and addressed individually. We can set you on the path to better tumbling.

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