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Busy Bodies

Busy Bodies is for Toddlers 18 months and older who want to run, jump, climb, bounce, balance, roll, and swing.
Shaped mats, in-ground trampolines, bars, beams, rings, and more are used to create varied movement circuits for toddlers on the go.

Saturday Mornings


$15 for 1 child + 1 parent
$10 for 2nd child
$5 for 2nd parent

Cash at the door or buy a 10-week pass for a 10% discount

      No 10-week pass?
Please RSVP the day before

      To RSVP, text the number of children, number of parents, Day, and Time to (618) 975-8806.

(Example: "1 child, 1 parent for Busy Bodies")

Midwest Twisters, Toddler Gymnastics
Busy Bodies

Busy Bodies

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