Busy Bodies

Busy Bodies is for Toddlers 18 months and older who want to run, jump, climb, bounce, balance, roll, and swing.
Shaped mats, trampolines, bars, beams, and more are used to create movement circuits for toddlers with parent in tow.

Jump-start your child's physical future in our wonderful world fun and adventure. Super safe, super fun!!!

         Offered Friday & Saturday Mornings

              Fridays 9:00-9:50 and 10:00-10:50

                     Saturdays 8:30-9:20

                $15 for 1 child + 1 parent
                      $10 for 2nd child
                      $5 for 2nd parent

Cash at the door or buy a 10-week pass for a 10% discount

      RSVP before 8:00 pm Thursdays for Friday Class
      RSVP before 8:00 pm Fridays for Saturday Class

      To RSVP, text the number of children, number of parents, Day, and Time to (618) 975-8806.

(Example: "1 child, 1 parent for Friday at 10:00 am")