You may register for class over the phone at (618) 628-3553 using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Credit Card. If you know your daughter's level you may select your class day and time by clicking here.

You may arrive for your class 5 minutes before the hour. Please give students in prior classes time to exit. Most classes end at :50 minutes after the hour.

Class registration is not automatic from session to session. You must register each session to hold your spot. If you wish to have automatic registration you may request so over the phone.


 Students may make up for 1 missed class per 10-week session.

Call 628-3553 to schedule a make-up 

 If a student has any cold or flu symptoms, the student is NOT to report to class


We have installed 6 cameras for remote viewing. Simply download REOLINK from the app store and follow Log-in instructions posted in the viewing area. Once logged-in, you may access remotely. If you have any difficulty, please ask for help when you come to class.

 We have very limited seating - please limit your viewing to 1 or 2.

We do not allow ANY outside food, beverages, or trash to be brought into our facility with the exception of bottled water. 

All students should bring bottled water and take the container with them when they leave.

Pre-K Enrollment Policy

All Pre-K students will attend their first class on a trial basis.

We realize that compliance and socialization for youngsters is a process.

Our program is intended to help you with that process by creating a safe, structured, and nurturing movement environment. Our consideration for your child's safety, and the well-being of all our students, is predicated on student compliance and cooperation. Before enrolling your child, please consider if they are truly ready to take that big first step independently.


Any student who does not demonstrate readiness to follow simple verbal instructions, detracts from the quality of the class, becomes a distraction to the class, or conducts themself in an unsafe manner, may need to wait until they have developed the skill set necessary for safe participation before they may be fully enrolled. If a student does not respond to the instructor, the parent will need to accompany the student during class to reinforce proper conduct.


If a child is deemed "not ready," you will be given a refund. 


All Pre-K parents are required to accompany their child if a restroom visit becomes necessary before, during, or after class - NO EXCEPTIONS. Parents will need to slip their shoes off to enter the activity area to use the restroom.


A parent or adult guardian of all 3/4 yr-olds must remain in the building during class.

Thank you