Please, Print and complete this form if registering for a class

Please copy this form as needed for birthday party and field trip participants

                             COVID  RULES & POLICIES

Midwest Twisters is eager to again offer our services to you, our valued customers. In the interest of safety and compliance, as we  return to some semblance of normalcy, we ask everybody’s cooperation with our interim rules and policies to ensure the highest level of safety for our students and quality instruction for all. 


Our Pre-K classes and Sidekicks classes will have no more than 6 students per class while Girls Gymnastics and Tumbling will have just 7 per class. We will be running no more than 2 classes at a time in our vast facility, for now, to ensure ample space and equipment for all students. Further, we have staggered class times to avoid crowds between classes and to allow for cleaning/disinfecting and set-up between classes. It is imperative that you, as parents, arrive on time, and exit promptly after, ALL CLASSES. 


Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class and be vigilant - maintaining social distancing when entering. Hold your child’s hand or keep them close while coming and going. At the conclusion of class please exit immediately and go straight to your car without congregating inside or outside the building. All students and parents MUST WEAR MASKS when entering and exiting the facility. Parents are to wear masks the entire time they are inside the building. Children may remove their masks at times during class as instructed.


We appreciate your strict adherence to the following rules and policies:. 


  • Classes are open ONLY to those who are continuing to avoid crowds, stay socially distanced and/or masked when in public and are adhering to CDC guidelines.

  • Please take your child's temp daily before leaving your home. If your child, or anybody else in your household, has a temp of over 100, the child is NOT TO REPORT TO CLASS. 

  • If your child, or anybody in your household, is at all symptomatic (i.e. dry cough, loss of taste/smell, headache, fever, etc., your child is NOT to report to class. 

  • ONLY (1) parent may enter the facility with each student. No siblings, including babies, may accompany any student. No Exceptions!

  • Have your child use the bathroom before leaving home to minimize the use of our restroom. If your child must use the bathroom during class, they may. We DO NOT AVE A RESTROOM FOR PARENTS AT THIS TIME.

  • Be sure your daughter has a water bottle as our drinking fountains will remain off limits to all. You are to take the water bottle with you and do not leave it at the gym or discard in our facility. Absolutely no food is permitted in the building - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • When coming and going, please be aware of others entering and exiting - staying socially distanced at all times from all other students and spectators. 

  • We ask that all parents keep HAND SANITIZER in their car for their daughter's use before entering. This will speed-up entry greatly. We will have hand sanitizer accessible in multiple locations throughout the gym.

  • Upon entering, students should go immediately to their cubby and then to their instructor.   


  Instructors will continue to do their due diligence with regard to following all CDC guidelines. Instructors will wear face masks during instruction. We will disinfect shared equipment, as needed, between classes.